Shipping an Engine

Engines, transmissions, axles and more. If you sell engines and other car parts, you need an affordable and safe way to ship these valuable parts.
It’s important to find a reputable company that can handle your shipments on a LTL trailer but using a secured divider service to protect your products.
The importance of engine shipping lies with being prepared. It’s important to find a divider shipping service that offers your engines protection from other freight. You should always:
shipping an engine
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The importance of engine shipping lies with being prepared. It’s important to find a divider shipping service that offers your engines protection from other freight. You should always:
  • Pick a freight terminal that can load and unload your engine freight on pallets at an affordable cost
  • Make sure all of your engine oil and other fluids from the engine are removed prior to shipping
  • Find a crate that properly secures your engines
  • Find a carrier that offers an affordable price quote for divider shipping service
  • Give accurate dimensions and weight for your engines to receive an accurate quote
  • Look for visibility and a Lock and Seal service to ensure your engine is safe throughout the shipping process

Shipping an Engine on Pallet Effectively

Are you using a crate or pallet to ship your engine? When you crate an engine, it must be secured inside the crate to keep it from moving around and getting damaged. Use packing materials and disposable air bags to secure the engine properly.

When you are using a pallet, your engine must be tightly secured with ropes and straps. Make sure your engine is covered with cardboard or insulated wood. You should also make sure you leave room for fluid stick access because your LTL carrier will double check there are no fluids in your engine.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship an Engine?

Shipping an engine can be costly unless you find a secured divider shipping service that takes care of your engine. It’s a cost effective alternative to freight shipping that offers you peace of mind.

R+L Carriers offers a secured divider service that a national truck engine company relies on every single day to move their engines nationwide for pickup and delivery. Our shipping costs are included in your secured divider shipping quote. Save even more on shipping costs by reducing your claims and theft damages. Trust your engines with a divider shipping service that ensures your shipment isn’t touched until it reaches its final destination.

Use a Freight Shipping Service that Works Best

inspecting an engine
So, what exactly is secured divider shipping? It’s a front loading shipping option on a less than truckload (LTL) trailer that keeps your cargo separated from other shipments. Secured divider shipping uses a Lock and Tamper-Resistant Seal method that keeps your contents blocked by a plywood wall until it’s released by you when it reaches its destination.
The secured divider option is perfect for shipping an engine. Consider this feature when:
  • Your engines need the ultimate in safety and protection during transport
  • Your company is seeking to reduce overhead costs involved with claims
  • The quote includes both secured divider shipping and transportation costs
  • Engine shipments can’t be moved around during LTL transport
  • You want freight riding in the nose of the trailer, which is the safest spot during transport
  • Your shipments need the peace of mind that comes with a Local and Seal system, complete with visible transparency tracking
  • Shipments deserve a simple and easy process that includes everything you need to know on one Bill of Lading (BOL)
  • You seek unrivaled customer service and live support

Our secured divider services provide peace of mind!

Our secured divider services provide peace of mind

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