Features and Security Shipment Services

Many businesses use security shipment services to move freight safely. From medical equipment to bath fixtures to electronics, secured divider service keeps it all intact. 

R+L Carriers offers security shipment services to give you the most protection for your shipping needs.
Security shipment services offer privacy, safety and peace of mind. Security dividers provide locked-in safety for your LTL shipment. Your freight is secured in a trailer at origin and stays put until it reaches its end destination. Security shipment services are ideal for both residential and commercial shipments, asset recovery, high-value shipments and more. Learn more about security shipment services and our security features.

What are Security Shipment Services?

Security shipment services by R+L Carriers offer peace of mind. When you take advantage of secured divider shipping, your freight gets maximum protection.
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Secured divider service is the perfect fit for shipments that you don’t want handled until your high-value shipment reaches its final destination. Our security freight services offer the ability to handle everything from Peterbilt truck engines to bathtubs to electronics or medical equipment. R+L Carriers secures these types of shipments behind a wall and a Lock & Seal service with a security ID that ensures your freight has arrived, with a confirmation right on your Bill of Lading.

Advantages  of Secured Shipping Services

Secured divider shipping services is the perfect solution for freight you are looking to keep protected during its entire transport time.
This value-added service is specifically designed to meet your protected LTL shipping needs. Consider security shipment services for commercial, residential, asset recovery, custom crating and high-value shipments.

Security shipment services use a customized, tamper-resistant secured divider and tagging system to protect your shipment during transit. Your freight stays on the same truck throughout its journey and isn’t touched until it arrives at the end destination.

There are many benefits to taking advantage of security shipment services. In addition to offering secure transportation for your freight, these services offer:
  • Freight protection
    Your items are sectioned off and won’t mix with other shipments in the trailer. This can help reduce damage to your freight and reduce the amount of claims filed

  • Cost effective
    When you take advantage of security shipment services, you only pay for the space on the truck you need
  • Puts the shipper in control
    Be in charge of your shipment. Watch your items as they are loaded and placed on the truck. Take full control of how the items are placed and braced. You can even provide extra packaging if you prefer

  • Peace of mind
    Security shipment services provide you with a unique number. This number is associated with a  trackable, tamper resistant ID tag. The ID tag can be used to make sure the freight isn’t compromised during shipping and to track your shipment

Security Features

There are a number of security features that go into secured divider services. These features help keep your cargo safe and secure. Security features include:
  • Heavy bulkhead
    Freight travels in a designated place at the nose of the truck and is secured in place with a wooden bulkhead divider. This keeps shipments secure and prevents commingling with other freight

  • Tamper-resistant seals
    Freight is placed behind a bulkhead and secured in place with tamper-resistant seals. These seals will prove on arrival that your shipment is secure

  • Unique ID tag
    Each tamper-resistant seal is assigned its own unique ID tag. The number can be used to track the shipment and confirm security upon arrival

  • Secure location in the trailer
    Secured divider freight is loaded in the nose of the trailer. This is the safest place in the trailer for freight to ride. This safe location prevents damage during shipment

Our Secured Divider  services provide
Peace of Mind!

Our secured divider services provide peace of mind

How do Secured Divider and Security Shipment Services Work?

Secured divider services offer protected shipping in 3 easy steps. Take advantage of these services by:
  1. Loading the freight
    The first step in a secure shipment is loading the freight into the truck. You can load freight on a pallet, skid or in a crate. After it is in the truck, the freight is snugly secured in place with straps. You can also use extra packaging like airbags to secure the freight

  2. Putting up a divider
    The most important part of a secure shipment is the divider. Your freight gets its own section in the truck thanks to a secure, tamper-resistant divider. Each shipment gets a unique number. This number is for tracking purposes and to ensure guaranteed delivery

  3. Delivering the freight
    Freight comes on the same truck it on which it was originally loaded. The tamper-resistant seal shows the freight was not touched or moved while en route to its final destination

Get Started with Security Shipment Services

Now that you know a little more about security shipment services processes and security features, you are likely ready to get started.

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