How to Ship a Clawfoot Tub

January 3, 2019
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Clawfoot tubs can make a bathroom beautiful. These vintage-inspired masterpieces can add a certain charm to your home. A clawfoot tub can also give you a luxurious place to relax and unwind with bubbles. However beautiful they are, clawfoot tubs can be cumbersome and heavy. This can make shipping a clawfoot tub difficult. Learn how to ship a clawfoot tub and make the logistics of your bathroom makeover simple.

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Are you a consumer ordering an authentic 19th century clawfoot tub for your Victorian bathroom? Maybe you’re manufacturer sending a new claw foot tub to retailers. Regardless, of your situation you’ll need to know how to ship a clawfoot tub. One easy solution for shipping a claw tub is through a secured divider service.

What is a Clawfoot Tub?

A clawfoot tub is more than a beautiful addition to your home’s bathroom. It is also an item steeped in rich history.

The clawfoot tub reached the peak of its popularity during the late 19th century. Since then, it has remained a bathroom mainstay for more than 100 years. The clawfoot tub has roots in Holland, where the iconic ball and claw was initially designed. The design is thought to have been Eastern inspired. The claw and ball resemble a dragon’s foot holding a jewel. The design spread from Holland to England, where the clawfoot tub became a staple in aristocratic homes. From there, the design’s popularity spread to the United States.

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Today you can find authentic clawfoot tubs in Victorian homes and replica clawfoot tubs for sale from a variety of retailers. If you’re seeking a vintage clawfoot tub to outfit your bathroom, you might turn to eBay. If you’re seeking a modern clawfoot tub, you might look to an online or brick and mortar retailer. American Bath Factory, Home Depot or even Wayfair sell clawfoot tubs. Original cast iron clawfoot tubs can be very heavy. Modern clawfoot tubs might be made of lightweight acrylic and other innovative materials.

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Clawfoot tubs can be pricey. When you buy a vintage clawfoot tub, you’re paying for history. When you buy a modern clawfoot tub, you’re paying for style. This can add up quickly.  The value of the item is definitely something to consider when shipping bath fixtures like a clawfoot tub.

How to Ship a Clawfoot Tub

You’ll find quite a few options when it comes to shipping your clawfoot tub. One solid option is secured divider shipping. R+L Carriers offers this service. Secured divider shipping is ideal for an item like a clawfoot tub. Secured divider shipping keeps the tub safe during transit.

Secured divider shipping for a clawfoot tub means that the tub is loaded into the front of a truck. From there it is secured behind a bulkhead or partition divider. The divider prevents the tub from commingling with other freight on the truck. The divider also helps prevent damages. A tamper-resistant seal secures the divider. This means the freight won’t be touched between loading and delivery. The tub stays on the entire truck the whole journey, reducing handling and chance of damage. Secured divider shipping means your clawfoot tub will arrive intact.  R+L Carriers guaranteed delivery ensures it will arrive on time.

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When you ship a clawfoot tub via secured divider shopping, you might want to first load it on a pallet or skid. This will make it easier to move your tub and freight. You can strap the tub to the pallet or skid with straps to keep it secure.

Why Ship with a Secured Divider?

There are many benefits and advantages to shipping a clawfoot tub with a secured divider. These benefits can include:

  1. Peace of mind: Each shipment gets a unique ID tag with a trackable number, giving you visibility in the shipping process. The ID tag is also a tamper resistant seal, which can deter theft and loss.
  1. Cost effective: R+L Carriers will only charge you on the space on the truck you use. They do not charge by weight. This can be cost effective and help you save money. You will not pay for unused space or pay a premium for heavy items like a clawfoot tub.
  1. Freight protection: Your items are blocked off in the nose of the trailer. This placement can help prevent damage to freight.
  1. Puts the shipper in control: Secured divider shipping puts the shipper in charge. You can see your items loaded on the truck. You can control how the item is packaged. You can even provide extra packaging and insulation if you prefer.

R+L Carriers knows how to ship a clawfoot tub and can help you get your tub where it needs to go intact and on time. Contact us today online (link to online form) or by phone at (877) 558- 2580 to learn more.

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