Medicine on the Move: Shipping Medical Equipment

February 4, 2019
Secured Divider
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The fragile components of high-tech medical equipment must be considered when looking to transport a device from one location to another. Planning should be done beforehand to make sure there are plenty of safeguards in place to protect the equipment. Here we will discuss how to safely ship medical equipment with ease.

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It can be challenging to ship medical equipment, especially when it is oversized and bulky. The interior of a trailer can pose a risk if additional measures are not taken to secure the freight. However, taking advantage of secured divider service reduces the risk of damage to medical equipment freight with a bracing system and separated from other LTL shipments on the trailer. You Crate's secured devider service, in partnership with R+L Carriers, Inc., is an excellent solution for shipping medical equipment.

How Secured Divider Works

Clients figuring out how to ship medical equipment will work with one of our experienced staff members to obtain a quote to transport and deliver the device.

  • Load – When the truck arrives, the customer loads the medical device at the front of the trailer.
  •  Secure -- The freight is tied down with braces and blocked with a bulkhead wall separating it from the rest of the trailer. Additional steps may be taken to protect the equipment like crating or blanket covering to prevent abrasion.
  • Sealed -- The freight is secured with a lock and sealed along with e-straps to keep everything in place to prevent loss and damage like vibration shock. Once signed for at final destination the seal is removed.

Once the medical equipment is loaded on the trailer, it is never moved again until reaching the final destination for delivery. This gives customers a peace of mind to know the device will not be touched or at risk of theft or damage.

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Secure Shipment of Medical Devices

The ability to place a device securely in the front of a trailer is highly beneficial to the customer. Hospitals, rehabilitation centers, diagnostic facilities, and dental offices are just a few of the examples of locations in need of shipping medical equipment.

The challenge for most customers revolves around the cost of shipping oversized equipment requiring special handling.

The list of medical equipment includes:

  • CT scanners
  • MRI machines
  • X-Ray machines
  • Mammography
  • Surgical lab equipment
  • Hospital beds
  • Dental chairs
  • Exam tables
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Our staff can assist customers with obtaining inclusive quotes to cover transporting freight and delivery whether it’s a short distance or cross country. The team will work closely with the shipper to learn exactly what needs to be transported and the details including quantity, point of origin and destination and timeframe.

Advantages of a Secured Divider

Customers have multiple advantages when shipping medical equipment with secured divider service. Our partnership with R+L Carriers means our expansive network of service centers can pick up your freight and deliver it just about anywhere.

The added benefits include:

  • Customer loads freight on the trailer so it’s placed where they want it.
  • Maximum protection with braces and divider wall.
  • Tamper resistant seal.
  • Remains on same trailer from pickup to delivery.
  • Loaded at the front of the trailer.
  • Ability to monitor shipment
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You Crate's secured divider service, working closely with R+L Carriers, goes the extra mile to make sure each shipment is handled with extreme care and arrives when promised. It’s our guarantee.

Our professional team is ready to help customers discover how to safely ship medical equipment with You Crate and R+L Carriers. We stand by our promise of guaranteed service. Give us a call at 877-558-2580 to get discover shipping solutions for medical equipment and get a quote. Customers can also connect online.

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