How to Prevent Freight Damage

March 5, 2019
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Regardless of whether you are a shipper or receiver, you want your freight to arrive safely. This is why you need to know how to prevent freight damage. Freight damage affects both receiver and sender. Freight damage can increase costs and cut into revenue, as well as cause problems between users and suppliers. Most freight damage can be prevented with a little savvy and know how.

Avoid the woes of damaged freight. Keep your next shipment safe and secure by following these 5 tips on how to prevent freight damage. Learn how to prevent freight damage and make the most of your next shipment.

5 Tips on How to Prevent Freight Damage

Tip 1. Package Your Freight Like a Pro

The first step in preventing freight damage is packaging your items correctly. The packaging you choose should be just big enough to hold the item you’re shipping and any protective material, like bubble wrap or shrink wrap. It is also wise to choose packaging that is consistent and uniform so it it easy to load and stack on pallets. Most boxes and crates have a maximum weight per package limit. Do not exceed this limit.

how to prevent freight damage

Avoid using damaged packaging material. It’s an old adage in the shipping industry: a damaged box equals damaged contents. It is also important to make sure the box is properly sealed, as a box that opens during shipment can cause freight damage.

Another wise packaging move is to match your box or crate size with the proper wooden pallet size. This can help distribute weight. Try to match the dimensions of the box to the dimensions of the pallet to make movement and stacking simple. Proper packaging is important to preventing freight damage.

Tip 2. Make Sure the Trailer is Loaded Properly

Sometimes freight damage happens when cargo shifts inside the trailer during movement. This shifting is caused by not using proper packing techniques inside the trailer. Whether your cargo is on a pallet or not, the freight should be stored as snugly as possible to avoid freight damage.

Airbags used inside the truck can help prevent damage during the shipping process. Airbags can prevent shifting and for impact protection. You can also use cargo nets inside the truck to avoid freight damage and keep your shipment secure.

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Secured divider shipping is also an option when it comes to preventing freight damage for your commercial and residential shipments. Secured divider shipping means that your cargo is separated from the rest of the freight on the truck by a wooden bulkhead. This divider prevents commingling and damage. Secure divider shipping can also help prevent theft and other losses. Learn more about secured divider security features.

Tip 3. Choose a Reliable Shipper Over a Cheap Shipper

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When it comes to logistics and the supply chain, you often get what you pay for. Choosing a shipper with a proven track record and guaranteed service can help promise that your shipment gets there intact and on time. Things to keep in mind when choosing a shipper include their freight safety handling record, their liability coverage and insurance, the kind of fleet they use and their score issued by the FMCSA. Having a reliable carrier is more important than having a cheap carrier.

R+L Carriers has a strong track record and offers guaranteed delivery. We can provide the services you need to get your freight there intact and on time.

Tip 4. Use Clear Labels

Believe it or but, but labels can help prevent damage in freight shipping. Clear labels can help shippers pack pallets and prevent additional damage. Labels can tell shippers how to stack items. Proper labels can also denote a package’s ability to withstand weight. Can the package be double stacked? A label will let you know. Labels should also tell you the contents of the package. Does the package contain fragile, flammable, hazardous or heavy contents? Again, a label will let you know.

Clear labels are also easy to identify. Only use multiple labels if required by your carrier. If you are reusing packaging or crating, it is important to remove all old labels. Additionally, labels should be free of damage or stains. This will ensure the shipper can read the label and help the package arrive intact and on time.

Tip 5. Come Up with a Freight Plan

freight plan

Creating a detailed plan for your freight can help prevent damage in the long run. How? Double checking for efficiency, freight protection and consolidation can help you ensure your freight moves safely and securely.

When you’re putting together your plan, think about your specific claims. Is your freight constantly being damaged? Continuous damages can make a serious blow to your bottom line. In your plan, you can take the necessary steps to prevent these claims.

Is your freight being damaged during shipping? Stop making cargo claims and learn how to prevent freight damage. Consider secure divider service to make preventing freight claims simple. For more information or to get started with R+L Carriers’ secured divider shipping services, call us today at (877) 558- 2580 or contact us online.

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