Asset Recovery

Companies looking to replace equipment such as computers, medical devices or electronics will need to figure out how to get the older items back safely. This is where companies able to provide asset recovery like Secured Dividers can make all the difference.
Asset recovery is a specialized service option used mainly by commercial clients to transport high value, high risk freight and other equipment in a secure manner with a guaranteed delivery. Secured Dividers reduce the risk of damage to freight with a bracing system and are kept separate from other LTL shipments on the trailer. The asset recovery services through Secured Dividers are available through a partnership with R+L Carriers.

How Asset Recovery Works

Secured divider shipping services is the perfect solution for freight you are looking to keep protected during its entire transport time.
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Secured divider service is the perfect fit for shipments that you don’t want handled until your high-value shipment reaches its final destination. Our security freight services offer the ability to handle everything from Peterbilt truck engines to bathtubs to electronics or medical equipment. R+L Carriers secures these types of shipments behind a wall and a Lock & Seal service with a security ID that ensures your freight has arrived, with a confirmation right on your Bill of Lading.

Advantages  of Secured Shipping Services

Secured divider shipping services is the perfect solution for freight you are looking to keep protected during its entire transport time.
Clients needing asset recovery services will work with one of our experienced staff members to obtain a quote for the space needed and the distance to delivery.
  • Load
    When the truck arrives, the customer loads the asset at the front of the trailer.

  • Secure
    The freight is tied down with braces and blocked with a bulkhead wall separating it from the rest of the trailer.

  • Sealed
    The freight is secured with a lock and sealed along with e-straps to keep everything in place to prevent loss and damage. Once signed for at final destination, the seal is removed.
Once the asset is loaded on the trailer, it is never moved again until reaching the final destination for delivery. This means customers don’t have to worry about the asset being touched, stolen or damaged.

Advantages of a Secured Divider

Customers can realize multiple advantages by selecting asset recovery services through Secured Divider.

The added benefits include:
  • Customer loads freight on the trailer so it’s placed where they want it
  • Maximum protection with braces and a divider wall
  • Tamper resistant seal
  • Remains on same trailer from pickup to delivery
  • Loaded at the front of the trailer
  • Ability to monitor shipment
Secured Divider, working closely with R+L Carriers, goes the extra mile to make sure each shipment is handled with extreme care and arrives when promised. It’s our guarantee.

Our Secured Divider  services provide
Peace of Mind!

Our secured divider services provide peace of mind!

Asset Recovery Services

The Secured Divider asset recovery is the right fit for commercial accounts to provide a personalized approach to freight transportation. The team has more than 60 years of experience in the industry. Customers are provided all-inclusive quotes to cover pricing and additional freight shipping fees.

R+L Carriers works closely with Secured Divider to provide an excellent level of service for asset recovery clients. Whether the freight is old, new, old, high risk, unique or fragile, we can help make the journey a smooth transition.

As a family-owned company, R+L Carriers specializes in all aspects of freight shipping service via a network of service centers across the United States. Nationwide service centers offer expedited, less-than-truckload (LTL) and cross border shipping services. R+L Carriers also offers a number of logistics solutions for fragile freight. In addition, warehousing, supply chain management and domestic shipping options are also available.

Additional resources include:
  • World class customer service
  • 24/7 live customer support
  • Shipment tracking visibility from Point A to Point B
  • Courteous and professional drivers that care about your shipments
  • Online payment services that are quick and easy
  • Security and theft protection
  • Insurance and claims protection that offer you peace of mind
  • Available lift-gate for loading and unloading
  • Guaranteed delivery options
  • Visibility during freight shipping
Our professional team is ready to help customers secure the space needed for asset recovery and get everything delivered efficiently and safely. We stand by our promise of guaranteed service. 

Give us a call at 877-558-2580 to discuss what is needed for your personalized asset recovery services. Customers can also connect with Secured Divider via our online quote request form.
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